Humble Beginnings 

  • My Great Grandmother was a classic oil paint artist and my mother too. So I started out as an artist, but one day I drew a straight line and I liked it. I became an Architect and an Engineer and spent the next 40+ years designing and engineering things.  However I never forgot my desire to be creative in the world of art and to have fun in the graphical design world.  

Professional Quality 

Created by a Professional Designer

​There are a lot of Computer Aided Graphical Design Programs and there are a lot of people that use these programs and then call themselves designers. A professional designer does not come out of a software box.   A professional designer evolves over time from doing all the wrong things at least once in their career, and then learns from those mistakes to become a "Professional". I use computer design programs as a tool and not as an excuse.  Over 45 years of design experience and some of it doing design the old fashion way, by hand.  

Let's  have a Conversation about what you need and  

Your Ideas, and let our Imagination work for you !  

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